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Globe Stone Hills is a leading Egyptian manufacturer and producer of calcium carbonate Globe Stone Hills has the most significant industrial and commercial quarries and plants for calcium carbonate (limestone) production. It is also one of the largest leading companies in producing, grinding,and trading calcium carbonate (limestone), with the highest brightness level in Upper Egypt. It has the finest and brightest raw materials in the world;brightness is approximately (99.7%).

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Globe Stone Hills was established in 2015 with quarries and plants in Samalout, Minya Governorate.The area of Globe Stone Hills quarries and plants is about)100,000(square meters. The capacity of their production lines is roughly)400,000()four hundred thousand tons(annually.
Globe Stone Hills employs)500(workers.
The company aims to be an essential partner and raise the efficiency of its products using the latest

technology and equipment to export Egyptian products worldwide and fulfill the highest degree of brightness.
The quarries and plants of Globe Stone Hills are the strongest and best mining companies specializing in producing, manufacturing, and packaging calcium carbonate)limestone(in Upper Egypt. Moreover, they are one of the largest growing companies that export calcium carbonate (limestone) to many countries worldwide.such as:
(The Arab countries): Saudi Arabia, the United Arab
Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon,and Jordan.
(African countries): Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria,
Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.
(Asia): India, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore,
(Europe): Germany, Belgium, the United
Kingdom,the Netherlands, and Turkey;
(America): the United States of America,
Canada,Australia, and New Zealand.


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We hope that the quarries and plants of Global Stone Hills become the largest industrial and commercial grouping, specializing in the production and sale of quarry materials locally, regionally, and globally, distinguished by high-quality packaging ingenuity that combines local technical expertise and global skills.We look forward to being the first destination for the customer in terms of quality and credibility.

The quarries and plants of Global Stone Hills become a distinguished source for the customer in terms of producing and marketing quarry materials in Egypt and the Arab region, maintaining leadership and originality, and exceeding the customers’ aspirations in terms of product quality locally and globally.

  • Discipline, quality, and professionalism.
  • Management, leadership, and planning.
  • Growth, excellence, and development.
  • Integrity, originality, and leadership.
  • Loyalty, trust and credibility.

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