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Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is the trade name for (limestone) and is in the form of a crystalline mineral or white powder. The chemical formula for calcium carbonate is (CaCO3), and its molecular weight is equal to (100.09) g/mol.

As for its physical properties, it is: white or gray rocks in the form of crystals. After grinding, a white powder appears, soft in texture, lacking in taste and smell, and insoluble in water.
Calcium carbonate (limestone) exists in nature in several forms, the most important of which are: chalk, limestones, marble, and sedimentary rocks, which resulted from the deposition of some small shells, oysters, and coral over millions of years.

Production of Globe Stone Hills quarries and factories

Calcium carbonate (limestone) sizes and dimensions:

Calcium Carbonate

Coarse Grains

The volume of calcium carbonate produced from the crusher ranges as follows:
-Centimeters: ranges from (1 cm: 15 cm)
-Millimeter: It ranges from (0.5 mm: 9 mm)

Fine Powder

The size of calcium carbonate powder (powder) resulting from the limestone grinding process ranges as follows:
- Micron: The grinding degree ranges from (8 microns: 70 microns)

In addition to calcium carbonate and its derivatives (calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, and calcite), Globe Stone Hills also provides:
Breccia – kaolin – feldspar – marble – saffron – iron oxide – manganese – phosphate – talc.

Packaging Sizes:

Calcium carbonate (limestone) products are packaged according to the customer's desire to:

weighing (25) kilograms

Paper bags

weighing (50) kilograms

Paper bags

Jumbo size plastic bags weighing (1) ton

Plastic bags

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